馬鹿のイワン (7)

The Story of Ivan The Fool
馬鹿のイワン (7)

     By Leo Tolstoy
      レフ・トルストイ 作     

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Simon the Soldier heard of all these things next morning, and went to his brother.

'Tell me,' says he, 'where you got those soldiers from, and where you have taken them to?'

'What does it matter to you?' said Ivan.

'What does it matter? Why, with soldiers one can do anything. One can win a kingdom.'

Ivan wondered.

'Really!' said he; 'Why didn't you say so before? I'll make you as many as you like. It's well the lass and I have thrashed so much straw.'
「ほんとかね! なんで早く言ってくれなかったんだ。あんなもの、いくらでもこさえてやるのに。よかったな、わらはおらと妹が脱穀したのがいっぱいあるから」

Ivan took his brother to the barn and said:

'Look here; if I make you some soldiers, you must take them away at once, for if we have to feed them, they will eat up the whole village in a day.'

Simon the Soldier promised to lead the soldiers away; and Ivan began to make them.

He bumped a sheaf on the thrashing floor -- a company appeared. He bumped another sheaf, and there was a second company.

He made so many that they covered the field.

'Will that do?' he asked.

Simon was overjoyed, and said: 'That will do! Thank you, Ivan!'

'All right' said Ivan. 'If you want more, come back, and I'll make them. There is plenty of straw this season.'

Simon the Soldier at once took command of his army, collected and organized it, and went off to make war.

Hardly had Simon the Soldier gone, when Taras the Stout came along. He, too, had heard of yesterday's affair, and he said to his brother:

'Show me where you get gold money! If I only had some to start with, I could make it bring me in money from all over the world.'

Ivan was astonished.

'Really!' said he. 'You should have told me sooner. I will make you as much as you like.'
「ほんとかね! なんで早く言ってくれなかったんだ。あんなもの、いくらでもこさえてやるのに。」

His brother was delighted.
'Give me three baskets-full to begin with.'

'All right,' said Ivan. 'Come into the forest; or better still, let us harness the mare, for you won't be able to carry it all.'

They drove to the forest, and Ivan began to rub the oak leaves. He made a great heap of gold.

'Will that do?'

Taras was overjoyed.

'It will do for the present,' said he. 'Thank you, Ivan!'

'All right,' says Ivan, 'if you want more, come back for it. There are plenty of leaves left.'

Taras the Stout gathered up a whole cartload of money, and went off to trade.

So the two brothers went away: Simon to fight and Taras to buy and sell.

And Simon the Soldier conquered a kingdom for himself; and Taras the Stout made much money in trade.

When the two brothers met, each told the other: Simon how he got the soldiers, and Taras how he got the money.

And Simon the Soldier said to his brother, I have conquered a kingdom and live in grand style but I have not money enough to keep my soldiers.'

And Taras the Stout said, 'And I have made much money, but the trouble is, I have no one to guard it.'

Then said Simon the Soldier, 'Let us go to our brother. I will tell him to make more soldiers, and will give them to you to guard your money, and you can tell him to make money for me to feed my men.

And they drove away to Ivan; and Simon said, 'Dear brother, I have not enough soldiers; make me another couple of ricks or so.'

Ivan shook his head. 'No!' says he' 'I will not make any more soldiers.'

'But you promised you would.'

'I know I promised, but I won't make any more.'

'But why not, fool?'

'Because your soldiers killed a man. I was ploughing the other day near the road, and I saw a woman taking a coffin along in a cart, and crying. I asked her who was dead. She said, "Simon's soldiers have killed my husband in the war." I thought the soldiers would only play tunes, but they have killed a man. I won't give you any more.'

And he stuck to it, and would not make any more soldiers.

Taras the Stout, too, began to beg Ivan to make him more gold money. But Ivan shook his head.

'No, I won't make any more,' said he.

'Didn't you promise?'

'I did, but I'll make no more,' said he.

'Why not, fool?'

'Because your gold coins took away the cow from Michael's daughter.'


'Simply took it away! Michael's daughter had a cow. Her children used to drink the milk. But the other day her children came to me to ask for milk. I said, "Where's your cow?" They answered, "The steward of Taras the Stout came and gave mother three bits of gold, and she gave him the cow, so we have nothing to drink." I thought you were only going to play with the gold pieces, but you have taken the children's cow away. I will not give you any more.'

And Ivan stuck to it and would not give him any more. So the brothers went away.

And as they went they discussed how they could meet their difficulties.

And Simon said: 'Look here, I tell you what to do. You give me money to feed my soldiers, and I will give you half my kingdom with soldiers enough to guard your money.'

Taras agreed. So the brothers divided what they possessed, and both became kings, and both were rich.

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