馬鹿のイワン (2)

The Story of Ivan The Fool
馬鹿のイワン (2)

     By Leo Tolstoy
      レフ・トルストイ 作     

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Now the old Devil was vexed that the brothers had not quarrelled over the division, but had parted peacefully; and he summoned three imps.


'Look here,' said he, 'there are three brothers Simon the Soldier, Taras the Stout, and Ivan the Fool. They should have quarrelled, but are living peaceably and meet on friendly terms. The fool Ivan has spoilt the whole business for me.


Now you three go and tackle those three brothers, and worry them till they scratch each other's eyes out! Do you think you can do it?'


'Yes, we'll do it,' said they.

「がってんだ」 と三匹の小悪魔は言いました。

'How will you set about it?'


'Why,' said they, 'first we'll ruin them. And when they haven't a crust to eat we'll tie them up together, and then they'll fight each other, sure enough!'


'That's capital; I see you understand your business. Go, and don't come back till you've set them by the ears, or I'll skin you alive!'


The imps went off into a swamp, and began to consider how they should set to work. They disputed and disputed, each wanting the lightest job; but at last they decided to cast lots which of the brothers each imp should tackle. If one imp finished his task before the others, he was to come and help them.


So the imps cast lots, and appointed a time to meet again in the swamp to learn who had succeeded and who needed help.


The appointed time came round, and the imps met again in the swamp as agreed. And each began to tell how matters stood.


The first, who had undertaken Simon the Soldier, began: 'My business is going on well. To-morrow Simon will return to his father's house.'


His comrades asked, 'How did you manage it?'

「どうしてそううまくやったんだい?」 と仲間がたずねました。

'First,' says he, 'I made Simon so bold that he offered to conquer the whole world for his king; and the king made him his general and sent him to fight the King of India.


They met for battle, but the night before, I damped all the powder in Simon's camp, and made more straw soldiers for the Indian King than you could count.


And when Simon's soldiers saw the straw soldiers surrounding them, they grew frightened. Simon ordered them to fire; but their cannons and guns would not go off. Then Simon's soldiers were quite frightened, and ran like sheep, and the Indian King slaughtered them.


Simon was disgraced. He has been deprived of his estate, and to-morrow they intend to execute him. There is only one day's work left for me to do; I have just to let him out of prison that he may escape home. To-morrow I shall be ready to help whichever of you needs me.


Then the second imp, who had Taras in hand, began to tell how he had fared. 'I don't want any help,' said he, 'my job is going all right. Taras can't hold out for more than a week.


First I caused him to grow greedy and fat. His covetousness became so great that whatever he saw he wanted to buy. He has spent all his money in buying immense lots of goods, and still continues to buy. Already he has begun to use borrowed money.

おいらはまず、あいつを欲ばりにし、太らせてやったんだ。あいつはとてつもない強欲になって、 目につくものを片っ端から買いたくなった。それで、あり金をすっかり使って大量の品物を買いこんで、それでもまだ買い続けている。借金してまで買いだしたんだ。

His debts hang like a weight round his neck, and he is so involved that he can never get clear. In a week his bills come due, and before then I will spoil all his stock. He will be unable to pay and will have to go home to his father.'


Then they asked the third imp (Ivan's), 'And how are you getting on?'


'Well,' said he, 'my affair goes badly. First I spat into his drink to make his stomach ache, and then I went into his field and hammered the ground hard as a stone that he should not be able to till it. I thought he wouldn't plough it.

「そうだな」 と第三の悪魔は元気なく言いました。「おいらの方はどうもうまく行かない。まず、おいらはあいつに腹痛はらいたを起させてやろうと思って、お茶の中に唾を吐きこんでやった。それから、あいつの畑を石のようにかんかんに固めて、き返しができないようにしておいた。それで、あいつはとても鋤きに出て来やしないだろうと思っていた。

But like the fool that he is, he came with his plough and began to make a furrow. He groaned with the pain in his stomach, but went on ploughing.

ところが、あいつはとてつもない馬鹿で、すきを持って来てきはじめた。腹が痛いので、うんうん うなりながら、それでも仕事はめないんだ。

I broke his plough for him, but he went home, got out another, and again started ploughing.


I crept under the earth and caught hold of the ploughshares, but there was no holding them; he leant heavily upon the plough, and the ploughshare was sharp and cut my hands.


He has all but finished ploughing the field, only one little strip is left.


Come brothers, and help me; for if we don't get the better of him, all our labour is lost. If the fool holds out and keeps on working the land, his brothers will never know want, for he will feed them both.'


Simon the Soldier's imp promised to come next day to help, and so they parted.



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